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About Us

About Us

Public Policy Associates helps clients make better decisions and create better public policy.

For 24 years, our customized research has given clients new and deeper understanding to evaluate, change, or enhance programs and policies.  Government agencies, private firms, nonprofits, and foundations count on us for guidance in achieving their public policy goals through innovative research and high-level strategic consultation.

Teamwork: At PPA, we take a team approach to solving problems.  Each client has unique  needs, and we assemble work groups best suited to the task at hand.  Our researchers combine strong research skills and real-world leadership experience to produce practical, high-value solutions.

Collaboration: We believe in collaboration, both in our approach to studying problems and as an effective means of creating effective public policy.  In our work with the Michigan Sense of Place Council, for instance, we coordinated a broad public-private partnership to help Michigan communities leverage their unique assets to become more competitive in the 21st century global economy.

The PPA Team: PPA is led by company President Dr. Paul Elam, a skilled researcher and project leader with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion that is embedded in PPA's work and culture.  PPA believes the best work occurs when teams include researchers with varied backgrounds and experiences.  PPA has recruited talented researchers and supported their professional development.  PPA has also assembled an ever-growing stable of exceptional affiliated consultants that expands our capabilities.

High-Value Research: We pride ourselves on delivering independent, nonpartisan research that stands up to scrutiny, and we use a wide range of services to address the information needs of our clients.  Those include qualitative methods, such as focus groups, interviews, and facilitated discussions, and quantitative research, such as surveys and analysis of secondary data sets.  We use innovative project management tools and practices that ensure our projects are organized and conducted in a professional and timely manner.