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PPA Workforce Development Experts Offer Insight on the Implementation of Workforce System Innovations


Vice president and director of education and workforce, Collen E. Graber, and project manager, Michael J. Polzin, authored a paper to highlight lessons from PPA’s evaluation of the Virginia Financial Success Network (VFSN)—a project funded by a U.S. Department of Labor Workforce Innovation Fund grant.

The authors reflect on how innovation implementers can leverage quality management principles and best practices to foster their success in Resources to Aid Implementation of Workforce System Innovations: Lessons from the Virginia Financial Success Network Experience.  The VFSN story provides insights on some of the real challenges that change efforts face and how the programs can work through these challenges.  Dr. Polzin and Ms. Graber argue that too often the complexity of an implementation process is undervalued, when in reality it requires intentionality and creativity to achieve the promise of evidence-based programs.

PPA is a Lansing, Michigan-based firm that provides clients across the country with research and strategic consultation to inform the development of effective policies and programs in the areas of education and workforce development, safety and justice, and healthy communities.  For more information about PPA’s work, contact Colleen Graber at