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Our Work

Enhancing Communities and Attracting New Workers

The Michigan Sense of Place Council was created to improve the state's quality of life and economic competitiveness by creating vibrant regions, downtowns, and neighborhoods where people want to live, work, and open businesses. The Council retained Public Policy Associates, Inc. to help it realign its goals and set a direction for future activities.

In 2010, PPA researchers facilitated the development of a strategy framework and action plan for the Council with an eye toward ensuring that goals complemented the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 (NSP-2), a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The PPA Team: Jeffrey D. Padden guided the Council through the strategic planning process and facilitated one of the Council’s workgroups.  Nathalie Winans worked to translate the Council’s ideas into a logic model and action plan and provides facilitation and logistical support to two of its workgroups.  Workgroup facilitation services were also provided by Colleen Graber, Nancy McCrohan, Damon Daniels, and Daniel Gough. 

Our Work: The Sense of Place Council, a broad consortium of private and public sector leaders, played a prominent role in shaping the conversation and strategies for helping Michigan transition to a diversified economy that embraces entrepreneurship and innovation. The Council is dedicated to promoting principles and practices that create attractive places to live, work, and play—and lead to the retention and attraction of talent.

PPA was retained to facilitate the Council's strategic planning process, which led to the creation of a logic model that charts the inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts of the Council's efforts.  Building on the logic model, PPA worked with the Council to develop an action plan and designate five workgroups to implement it.  These workgroups were charged with bringing to fruition the five key strategy areas of the action plan for creating communities with a high quality of life and a robust entrepreneurial spirit.

Results: PPA has helped the Michigan Sense of Place Council develop a consensus around key strategies and an action plan for achieving its goals. PPA continues to provide support to the Council. The results of the work are setting the course for the Council's future activities and leveraging the significant investment represented by the NSP-2 grant.

Services provided:

Strategic consultation

Focus groups

Secondary analysis of existing databases

Expert facilitation