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Michigan Race Equity Coalition

Michigan Race Equity Coalition

The Michigan Coalition for Race Equity in Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice has released new findings and recommendations for reducing racial and ethnic disproportionality in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.  

The Coalition unveiled research showing that children of color are over-represented in the foster care system.  Foster children of color are far more likely to "age out" of the system than white children, meaning they were unable to returned to their families or be permanently placed with another relative or adoptive family.  The research was conducted by Public Policy Associates, Inc.  You can read:


Here is the full charge of the committee. Here are the key documents the committee is examining. Dr. Paul Elam of Public Policy Associates, Inc. is project manager.

The Coalition is made up of juvenile justice and child welfare system leaders who are examining previously issued reports and will recommend strategies for ensuring race equity to policy makers, civic leaders, and civil servants concerned about disproportionality and disparities in those sytems.  Coalition members include children and family services leaders, juvenile justice leaders, members of the judiciary, state legislators, state and local officials, public and private agency leaders, educators, health and child welfare professionals, and philanthropic leaders.

The Coalition is supported by the Michigan State Court Administrative Office's Court Improvement Program, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Casey Family Programs, and the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. 

This Web site provides documents the Coalition is using in its work, as well as the time and location of meetings. Information from the four workgroups can be accessed and by clicking on the links at the left. Here is the charge for the four workgroups.

Here is the new 2010 Child Welfare Data Book prepared for the Michigan Race Equity Coalition by Public Policy Associates, Inc.

Future meetings

To be announced.

Previous meetings 

March 11, 2013: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Cadillac Place, 3044 W. Grand Boulevard, DetroitOctober 15, 2012 meeting materials

March 2, 2012 meeting materials

December 9, 2011 meeting materials

September 15, 2011 meeting materials